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I live surrounded by rolls of paper. I think I even have thousands of artworks rolled up, stacked, stored, forgotten, wrong Wrapping them comes naturally to me, it's a daily practice and vision. Paradoxically some I think that some of those have more strength rolled up, I think they have a greater sense and naturalness rather than unfolded. When I completely unfold them the narration is totally revealed, almost in a pornographic way, without any hidden mysteries, a bit like what  experiencing today's time: it is there, everyone can take their time to "read" it, but when they are rolled up they make sense, not more mysterious, but perhaps more human; they have a greater dignity: in reality nobody reveals themselves totally, we all protect, we wrap / protect parts of our life. The most intimate thoughts are woven that cannot be revealed. I think the tapestries are a container of secrets. At least they are for me I believe that a work wrapped in itself, in some cases, bring visitors to approach the the atrwork with more respect during contemplation. I want to give more three-dimensionality to things, more possibilities for the subject, the possibility of going around it and seeing and analyzing things from many more points of view. But there is more: weaving, sewing, it is a very feminine work, it is the desire to keep things together, family, traditions, culture, interpersonal relationships ... gathering thoughts and ordering. You can make and undo or leave there the trace of error, of erring. The woman wraps around herself with mothering and weaves her thoughts and experiences. I spend many hours a day bending over myself to sew and weave. Sometimes I seem to wrap myself totally in work, to merge with it. In short, it was natural for me to think so, to give it a more physical and human aspect.